Most individual feels anxious when in they are in unusual environment like hospital. Many people think that hospital is a safe place for their loved ones but that might not be truth, many elderly and disabled individual fall every year while in the hospital. With a sitter available, we can provide a watchful eye, curbing dangerous behaviors, and alerting nursing or medical staff at the first sign of a problem or when fall prevention or behavior monitoring is necessary. Having sitter service for your loved one while they are hospitalized helps to ensure peace of mind knowing they are safe, this often improves the outcome of the patient’s illness.

caregiver assisting elderly womanOur hospital sitter service can guarantee you the following:

  • Help prevent patient falls
  • Assist with meal tray service and provide refreshments
  • Prevent pulling out of tubes or oxygen connections
  • Offer companionship, reading to patient, playing games, reducing boredom
  • Keep patient’s area neat and clean
  • Alert hospital staff in the event of a change or emergency
  • Contact family for regular updates or in case of emergency
  • Around-the-clock availability
  • Emotional support and cheerful companionship
  • Safety and comfort provider